Coley Couture Collection

Coley Couture Collection

The new University of Mobile Store’s “Mobile Makers” collection features original products with UM connections, like the UM Ram Leather Earrings from the Coley Couture Collection, created by Lisa Davis. Here’s Lisa’s story. 

I am Lisa to many, Sesa to 8-year-old twin granddaughters and a 2-year-old grandson, Mama to my son and daughter, and MamaLisa to many, many more. I realized several years ago that who I really am is a Mother. I have worked at the University of Mobile for the past 15 years and get to be MamaLisa to a lot of students, helping them transition between living in the safety of a home with a parent and a whole wide world out there. Helping them discover who they really are and who God created them to be.

The name Coley Couture Collection was inspired by my family name and my daughter’s first name. Fine leathers with many grains and textures from all over the world are used in these hand-crafted designs. I cut and assemble each earring. They are lightweight, yet give the appearance of a large earring.

Thank you for your support! Enjoy!

About the Artist

Lisa Davis is the administrative assistant in the School of Christian Studies at the University of Mobile. She enjoys being “MamaLisa” to UM students, mentoring and building relationships that last far beyond graduation. She loves to sing, loves the beach, and loves soccer.


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