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Go Rams!


In 1963 when the first freshman class of the new Mobile College was tasked with choosing the mascot for the school, they took this responsibility very seriously. They wanted a mascot that showed strength and power, and the Ram definitely fit the mark.  From Mobile College to now the University of Mobile, our Ram mascot has served as a constant symbol of the strength, endurance, and higher purpose to which we are called.

Whether you are a student, UM graduate, faculty or staff member, being a Ram means being a part of a community – a family united with a calling to serve God and serve people. There is a sense of pride knowing you belong here and that there will always be a connection to the people who walk across this campus. No matter how far away you travel – how long ago you graduated – or where God leads you on your Great Commission journey – once a Ram, always a Ram.

At The U, we seek to serve the entire UM Ram family with choice products that help remind, inspire and reflect the values that the University of Mobile is known for. Our apparel and gifts are specially chosen and designed to be unique and to instill joy in those who receive them. Here, you will find staff who care about you and are ready to help you find that perfect item on your list – or even just chat about your day. And that’s why you will see the words “Go Rams!” as you walk into The U and you will hear the words “Go Rams!” before you leave. Not only does this endearing chant make everyone smile, but it reminds us that we are all connected and part of something bigger.

We are Higher Education for a Higher Purpose. We are the University of Mobile Rams.

Go Rams!