Holiday Gift Guide – The Artist

Holiday Gift Guide – The Artist

Looking for a unique gift for the artist in your life? Check out the Mobile Makers collection at the University of Mobile Store. The artist is anyone who uses their creativity to their advantage. Whether you’re a musician, painter, photographer, sculptor, or anything in between, this collection is for you. But most of all, the artist always supports other artists. The U has multiple items created by local artists and UM grads.

1. Mason & Vela Candles 

Mason and Vella Candles are great for inspiring creativity through their unique scents, like Hurricane, Woodshop and Coastal Rose. The creators are local to Mobile and are UM graduates Melyssa and Garrett Hughes.

2. Chaleur Coffee

Chaleur Coffee is roasted right here in Mobile on Dauphin Street. Start your morning with a great cup of coffee in a UM  mug or insulated travel tumbler that you can also find at The U, and support a small business with UM connections.

3. Dauphin Street Watercolor 

From a dock on Mobile Bay to Dauphin Street, downtown Fairhope or Weaver Hall, this local art is perfect for decorating any room in your house or dorm. Megan Desko is a UM graduate and watercolor artist who paints the local Mobile area and iconic UM campus locations.

4. City of Mobile T-Shirt

Represent the city of Mobile with this one-of-a-kind shirt. Designed by UM graduate Ashley Hilbun, this t-shirt celebrates the spirit of our Mobile community.

5. Jami Carter Paintings 

UM graduate Jami Carter shares her faith through beautifully designed paintings of crosses and churches on wooden blocks. Decorate your home or dorm with these pieces designed to inspire that can stand on a shelf or hang on a wall.

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