Mobile Maker: Marilyn Foley

Mobile Maker: Marilyn Foley

My husband Mark and I took a ceramics class together in Abilene, Texas, our first year of marriage in 1971. As an art minor in college, I was very intrigued by all the aspects of clay . . . everything to be explored and learned. However, life soon took over with careers, jobs, children, family, and home, which was our season for just that!

Then 20 years later our adventures brought us to the University of Mobile (when Dr. Mark Foley became university president) and I realized I had a university ceramics art department accessible once again! I had inquired at a local gallery about lessons they were offering, and the proprieter suggested I should connect with UM's program.  Bertice McPherson was her instructor AND UM's adjunct professor as well.  What a privilege to be mentored by Bertice and then, Phil Counselman (chair of the Department of Art in the Alabama School of the Arts). They gave me the inspiration and confidence to enroll in local classes and workshops. Those led to my home studio and independence to work and create on my own. As I work, I love to contemplate all the spiritual aspects of clay, humanity and life. There are many. 

When I'm not in the studio, I love to be outside, in our garden, with our pups Truly and Annie, enjoying friends and family, or traveling. Our daughter in Georgia has three of our Grands. Our son in Colorado also has three Grands. I prepare for and look forward to my weekly Bible Study Fellowship. I am so very thankful for this season of life that I dreamed of but I never thought possible.

I pray that if you own a piece of my art, that it speaks to you of  Jesus' redemption, grace, love and salvation – spiritual aspects of clay.

About the Artist

Marilyn Foley has always had a love for art, but it wasn’t until she became First Lady of the University of Mobile that her interest became her passion. Husband Mark Foley served as UM president for 18 years, and it was during this time that Marilyn took a ceramics course in the UM Art Department. That course led to her home studio, where today she creates beautiful pieces of art that celebrate the spiritual aspects of clay, humanity and life.

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