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From Where I Stand - Women of the Bible Devotional

From Where I Stand - Women of the Bible Devotional

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From Where I Stand - a 30-Day Journey with Women of the Bible

Readers are invited to grow closer to God by walking in the footsteps of the Bible's prominent female figures - from Eve, the mother of all the living, to Mary, the mother of Jesus. They can experience the extraordinary circumstances, feelings and forbearance of women like Sarai, Miriam, Deborah, Rehab, Esther, Bathsheba, Mary Magdalene, and more.

As they journey through this 30-day devotional, readers will reflect on an inspirational retelling and the Biblical passages of each woman's story, answer thought-provoking questions, respond to a prayer prompt, and be encouraged to dig deeper as they gather insights on God's will and ways from His Word.

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