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Hammond Chocolate Bars

Hammond Chocolate Bars

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Indulge in pure chocolate bliss with these chocolate bars from Hammond. Choose from a variety of flavors:

Fudge Brownie:  Milk Chocolate with Brownie Filling
Peanut Butter Cup: Dark Chocolate with Peanut Butter Cup
Midnight Snack: Milk Chocolate with Pretzel, Cookie, Brittle, Marshmallow & Cereal
Banana Crunch: Milk Chocolate with Banana Chips
Cookies & Cream: Milk Chocolate with Bits of Cookie
More Smores: Milk Chocolate with Marshmallow & Graham
Sea Side Caramel: Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt
Birthday Cake: White Chocolate with Confetti 
Malted Milkshake: Milk Chocolate with Malted Milk
Cookie Dough: Milk Chocolate with Cookie Dough Filling
Toffee Brittle: Dark Chocolate with Toffee Brittle

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